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I hold things. #c100mkii #rokinon #dji #
Lex Dominguez

Hi there. My name is Lex…and I’m a videographer.  After many years of pay check dependency in the United States, I broke out of my comfort zone to experience shooting and editing digital video full-time in another country.  I moved to Cape Town, South Africa were I lived with my family and freelanced in video production for six years.  I have since relocated back to the USA, where I continue to work as a freelance videographer. 


I love to capture life as it’s happening, shooting simply and straightforward.  I find capturing truly honest moments with my camera very fulfilling.  I’ll shoot just about anything given the chance, but my passion lies in helping Non-Profit Organizations spread awareness and delivering their message through video.  I consider myself a team player and enjoy collaborating with others who share the same passion for video.  If you have a story to tell I would love to help you tell it.

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